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Azimo has over 1,000,000 users and offers borderless payments in over 60 currencies and money transfers can be made from 24 countries (the UK, Eurozone, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Switzerland) to more than 195 countries worldwide. Money Transfers are completed in less than 24 hours in most cases though you will need to check with based on the countries that you are transferring between and there is instant cash delivery to over 50 countries.

If you fund your Azimo account will a bank card a bank transfer from the UK can take 1 working day to reach the Azimo account whereas for European customers it can take up to 2 working days. Once payment has been received the money transfer is initiated immediately and you will receive confirmation of the money transfer via email notification.

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How competitive are Azimo exchange rates?

Fees for sending money with Azimo start at £1 although the exact fee depends upon the country you are sending money to and also from which country. This compares with banks and offline currency providers where you will typically find 5% - 10% foreign exchange cost and average bank fee of £10.

Azimo Personal Money Transfers

Cash pick-up transfers are possible via 300,000 pickup locations. You can also use the Azimo app to send money. Email and multilingual phone customer support are also available.The maximum amount for card payments is 12,000 GBP (13,500 EUR). You can send money to almost 200 countries. Not only does Azimo allow bank account transfers and cash pick-up you can also do mobile wallet top-ups aswell as a range of other options.

Business Money Transfers now available (NEW Service)

Azimo International Business Payments are now available. Same-day delivery to dozens to countries. Pay by card or bank transfer and your first 5 transfers are fee-free. Plus better exchange rates are available for money transfers over £1,000.

Your business can transfer up to £250,000 GBP in a single transaction, with no monthly limits. Payments are secure and Azimo is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Frequent payments to existing recipients can be made in just a few clicks and Azimo is designed for small to medium sized businesses demanding fairly large money transfers frequently.

Download Azimo App

Both Apple and Android apps are available from Azimo whereby you can receive real time currency alerts.

Azimo is regulated by the FCA

Azimo is regulated by the FCA in the UK.